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Yogyakarta tour information

Make a batikBorobudurPrambanan

Y-00 TRANSFER ( One Way )
Transfer from airport/railway station to hotel including porterage / banding one piece of average size luggage upon check in or out by air-conditioned coach.
PRAMBANAN TOUR ( 3 hours )
Visit the largest Hinduís Temple rains complexes in Indonesia. Prambanan located around 16 KM from the city center. It needs + 30 minutes to reach the temple.
Y-02 CITY TOUR ( 3 hours )
Featuring Sultanance Palace, Water Castle, Bird Market, a Batik Home Industry & Silver Smith at Kota Gede.
Y-03 BOROBUDUR TOUR ( 4 hours )
Visit the biggest Buddhist Temple in the world, Borobudur and the nearby Mendut and Pawon Temples.
Y-04 KALIURANG TOUR ( 3 hours )
A popular mountain resort located 24 km north of Yogyakarta on the slop of Mount Merapi The beautiful view of Mount Merapi with itís cool temperature will be explored and becomes an unforgettable experience for visitor.
Y-05 CIRCLE TOUR ( 10 hours )
The client will be conducted by visiting Borobudur Temple and the nearby Mendut and Pawon Temple afterward visit Royal Palace, Water Castle, Bird Market, Batik Home Industry, silver smith and tour will be terminated by visiting the largest Hindu rains complexes, Prambanan.
Parangtritis is not only one of the most attractive beach but the most historical beaches in Yogyakarta located around 27 km from Yogyakarta. The Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta used to meet the Queen of the south in the past time before leading by people.
Y-07 SOLO TOUR ( 6 hours )
Mangkunegara Palace is the first tourist object visited, afterward visit Museum Radya Pustaka, Antique Market, Kasunanan Palace and Bengawan Solo river.
Y-08 DIENG TOUR ( 10 hours )
It need about three hours to get there. It lives in Wonosobo area. The Tourism object visited are Craters, Colours lake, the oldest Hindu Temple in Java and beautiful panorama between Sindoro and Sumbing Mountain.
Y-09 IMOGIRI TOUR ( 3 hours )
The Client will be conducted to appreciate the real life villagerís style-living traditionally where the client will see the villagers earn for living by marking pottery in Kasongan Village.
Y-10 SUKUH TOUR ( 7 hours )
The Sukuh Hindu Temple is located 92 km from Yogyakarta and 30 km from Solo with three hours of driving from Yogya to Sukuh or one hour from Solo to Sukuh. It is exactly located on the slope of Mount Lawu in Wonogiri Regency and is famous as the most erotic temple in Indonesia because of itís relief and statues.
Y-11 GEDONG SONGO ( 10 hours )
It means nine temple located on the top of nine different in Ambarawa Regency. It is under category of the Hindu temple. It is just founded several temples that still stand and we just see the renaisance of the others. The fantastic scenery will be explored with its beautiful surroundings where the mountainous area are dominated. It takes 3,5 hours to reach these temples.
Y-12 LUNCH ENROUTE ( 2 hours )
Lunch will be served at restaurant in the city with Buffet style.
Dinner will be served at restaurant in the city with Buffet style
Dinner will be served at GAZEBO Restaurant Purawisata before departing for Ramayana Ballet.
The most beautiful dancing taken from the popular Ramayana story with the Prambanan Temple background covered 250 dancers.

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