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    Denpasar is the largest city on the island, the centre of commerce and governmental administration. The main street of the old town Jalan Gajahmada, is the major commercial centre of shop, banks and restaurants. This the backs onto sprawling complex of stalls which is the Pasar Badung market place. Here is every available, imaginable commodity from salted fish, spaces and herb to gold jewellery and woven cloths. Here also, are located several of Denpasar's modern department stores and supermarkets.


    The art centre is one of the largest and most complete cultural centre in the archipelago. Designed by Bali's foremost architecture, Ida Bagus Tugur. The vast complex, apart from its very real cultural function, is show place for Balinese temple and palace architecture. The complex includes the open stage Arda Candra, Museum, Balinese pavilions and sprawling, parklands, as well as their art galleries (including one permanent art collection). Each year from mid-June to mid-July the Bali Art festival is held here.


    On the southern coast of Bali is the towering tableland of Bukit, which drops dramatically into the sea at the sheer cliffs of Uluwatu. The ancient temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu located here, is populated by the friendly tribe of monkeys. Uluwatu Temple beach is one of the best surfing sports in the World because of its almost perfect surfing break all year round.


    Carved out of the landscape by tides wind and rain, the huge offshore sentinel rock of Tanah Lot is the site of a picturesque sea temple. There is a bridge connecting the mainland and below the Water line there are reputed to be large caves, the guardians of the temple.


    Approximately 20 km from Tabanan, the road climbs up high into the hills to a small village named Jatiluwih at a height of 850 meters above sea level. The view here is one of the finest imaginable: Bali's terrace paddy fields stretch in endless contours over hills and valleys as far as the eye can see.


    In the western highlands of Bali is the serene mountain area of Bedugul where vegetables, fruits and flowers thrive in the alpine climate. The colorful little market offers a wide selection of produce including exotic strawberries. Less than an hour of Bangli lies the tranquil crater lake of Mount Batur and the inpressive temple gates of Pura Ulun Danu, one of the two major subak (irrigation society) temples on the island.

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