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Wednesday,February 16,2005

SPECIAL OFFER.....from Ena Tour

Bali is ultimate spa destination with a vast range of exotic tropical ingredients.

Spa design in Bali has become a specialized art in itself with marble and stone, coconut wood and teak, woven cottons and silks commonly being used to decorate the spa area and create an inspiring ambience. Also the Balinese make wonderful masseurs with a strong tradition of therapeutic care and a a gentle but firm approach to massage. Being massaged, creamed, steamed and generally pampered is the ultimate indulgence and the best possible way to relax and unwind.

Contact us and get the special price from us, just send us an email for the reservation enatour@dps.centrin.net.id

by Pariani

Posted at:Wednesday,February 16,2005 11:31:53 AM

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