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  • Bali welcomes every visitors with the dance, colors and culture that are intertwined with its natural beauty. An island shaped by religion and dances, it offers visitors exciting treks through its lush tropical jungle or rice fields and opportunities  to savor the refreshing air of mountainous retreats.
    Go around Bali and experience the daily life of the Balinese people in the village.

    Gamelan BaliThe Balinese village pays tribune to the harmony of its human being with nature. Every corner of the villages are full with decoration. The Balinese village is typically host to a set of three temples called kahyangan tiga. Each related to a focal aspect of the village symbolic life. Instead of being closed, roof structures, the temples are open spaces, demarcated only by wall and carved gates, with trees alongside thatched shrines in their inside.
    The temples are the heart of the Balinese life and are celebrated its anniversary in every 210 days.

    Adding to the beauty and wealth of the Balinese  culture is its dance, which is performed during temple festivals and its ceremonies of the cycle of life and death. Dances are so much a part of Balinese daily rituals performances that visitors see in hotels, restaurants are just a fraction of the wealth of Balinese Dance.
    Though the origin of the Balinese dance is back long before any written history, inscriptions from the 9th century named Wayang (puppet theatre) and Topeng Mask (mask dance) as the main entertainment of the day. Even gamelan music had already been performed in the 1st millenium BC.

    Balinese Dances are inspirable from religion. A small offering of food and flowers must precede even dances for tourist. Before performing many dancers pray at their family shrines, appealing for holy inspiration from the gods.

    The dances of Bali

    Kecak Dance
    "Chak - chak - chak" the obsessive sound of a choir from beyond the dust of ages suddenly rises between the lofty trees. Darkness looms over the stage.

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    The Barong Dance
    The Barong Dance represents the eternal fighting of the good and evil spirits.

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    The Legong Kraton
    This dance was created in the palace and is the classic female dance.

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    The Topeng Mask
    The Topeng Mask dance relates the tales of Balinese and Javanese ancestors returning temporarily to inhabit the mask.

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    There are still a lot of Balinese dances to see while your holiday in Bali.

    Some recommended places to learn more about Balinese arts are

    • Celuk as the centre of gold and silver works
    • Mas, fine Balinese woodcarvings
    • Ubud, the centre of Balinese paintings and craft

    Explore the island of Paradise with its thousand temples with us.

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